Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 7 John trying to paint leaves and trees..

Hey Craig, Alex, Brandon, and Deborah.

While working towards this weeks assignment, I continued on my Golem composition.  Mainly wanting to work on my tree and leaf painting technique.

Here is what I have done so far.  I have made a few "leaf clumps" and duplicate, deform and color shift to get a base that I can then touch up.

I have not applied any highlights to the Golem yet, but I did adjust the overall brightness.

Here is a image showing the leaf clumps. I started with a flat shape, added light volumes, and then added smaller details. I used the lightest value to added the quickly suggest the starting leaf shapes and then refined with other values

Much of this work on this image was done using Clover Paint on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. The main exception being color adjustments and these leaf painting experiments when I used mostly Photoshop.
 If any one is interested, I found a pretty useful "leaf brush" here:

I prefer to use simple brushes, but this has been helpful to get me going on a foliage technique, at least for now.  Many more brushes can be found here:  Digitalbrushes on tumblr

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