Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Not completely HW related but pulls ideas from my HW with the Fire Fox poster and my KotoFox. I just started getting back into clay sculpting, I used to clay sculpt my creatures and Pokemon almost 8 years ago but didn't quite know that I had horrible clay plus I was a bit less experienced with art then. x_x;

Anyway.. Here's the two creatures of mine I pulled from to sculpt Fire KotoFox. It's still a WIP.


  1. The image is coming along nicely! I like the vibrant color. The green adds some interest too. :-)

    Nice sculpts, is that Sculpy?

    Cheers JH

  2. I was going to get the Super Sculpy but read some reviews it can be horrible with details at times lol unless those people reviewing it we're completely naive. It's called Van Aken Plastalina. I bought 4 different color blocks that were on sale. :D I love it so far, though I'd really love to get some Chavant NSP Medium clay I hear that hold details super well!

    Thankus! I love drawing different versions of my Kotofox. :]

  3. Super Sculpey to too brittle. I have used something called Promat". It is also a Polymer Clay but stronger and hold details better. It was discontinued several years ago, but I am sure there is a more modern version.

    Here is examples of figures I sculpted several years ago using Promat.

    Keep up the great work.

  4. Wow those are awesome sculptures so much better than mine, lol care to teach me some sculpting tips? :D I'll have to look up to see if they make a clay similar to Promat, Chavant might be similar hopefully!