Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Medusa line art before paint..

I have the line art at a stage where I can start adding value. As always, all comments and/or suggestions are welcome.  Cheers

John H

Monday, September 29, 2014

3d reference take 2!

After last weeks class, I rebuilt my 3d reference to better reflect the composition changes suggested by Craig.

Medusa "Version A"

Medusa "Version B"

Now I need to finish the clean drawings and paint them using the above images for lighting reference.  I might only have time to get one done.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

APE demo schedule?

Hey Craig

I would like to see your demo at APE early next month. I have never attended APE before, do you have an idea of what time it might be at? Are you painting both days?


John H

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Medusa image shapes and flow

After the lesson and feedback from last nights class, I drew out the composition shape theme and flow. I chose the triangle for both.  This shape theme is awesome as I can now use it to help place elements within the image.


John H

3D lighting experiment

Influenced by the video, "How I Paint Dinosaurs by James Gurney" I made a rough mock-up in Modo to get an idea of how the lighting may look like for the Medusa. These are a first pass, all the objects are rough. I could have used more simple shapes but got caught up making them, heh heh.

I made these before the second class, so I will incorporate Craig's feedback in additional tests such as trying to get some shapes using light.  :-)


John H

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Anyone going to NYCC?

2am in the morning lol.
Anyway, will anyone be going to NYCC(New York Comicon)?
I only managed to get a Thursday badge. :] But it would be cool to meet any of you guys!

Week 2 Paintovers and Notes

Anyone unable to get into class?

I have nobody in the class and we are 20 minutes into class.  maybe there is a tech glitch?


Sept 24th Meeting

Is the meeting running late today?   I am concerned, because I have not been able to access it yet.

John Hayes Week 1 submission

Comp #4

Comp #5

Week 1

Week 1 Assignment

Poster style for the Fox and more graphic novel type style for the Drake. Sorry for the lateness laptop is acting horrible for the past few weeks. :[ I seriously need a new one.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Video from first session?

Hey Craig

Any news of when the video from the first session will be ready. I would find it helpful to review what was covered before I finalize my homework for this week?

Can you please post a breakdown or list of the topics covered and what we need to show in our homework?


John H

Monday, September 22, 2014

Medusa layout into 3rds

I have settled on my most recent designs to develop for Wednesday

For the 4th version I rearranged elements to hopefully convey foreground, mid and background.

here are the roughs so far.

Crittor Link

Not sure what to do with the sky, if anything.

Re-did the layout of #5.   Crittor link

Sunday, September 21, 2014

2 more makes 5 medusa comp's..

Hey Craig,  Alex, Brandon, and Deborah.

Here is two more creature compositions of Medusa. I think these are getting closer to visualizing a terrifying yet cursed and lonesome character.

I am open to suggestions and welcome what ever feedback anyone might have. To make that easier, I have included Crittor links for anyone who feels up to drawing over the images.

Now I need to decide what one or two to go with, clean up, add some value and so on for next Wednesday!

Medusa shooting her bow. I may experiment with the idea of replacing her limbs with mechanical ones.

Somewhat vampire-like here. Light beams and so on..


John Hayes

Here are some ideas I'm working with some of my ideas are more ideas are little more detail then others. The two composition I like are the last two, which are the skeleton zombie Mr. Smith and the creature like woman, if any one of you have any feed back, please assist so that my composition can be stronger.   

Saturday, September 20, 2014

APE 2014?

Hey Craig

Are you going to do a demo at APE 2014 on October 4th or 5th?



Hey Craig,  Alex, Brandon, and Deborah.

I am working my way though creature and compositions and have setting mainly on a medusa for now. By using the compositions I created in-class as inspiration I have made three ideas so far, posted below. I am still trying to capture more of a terrifying yet cursed and lonesome character.

I am open to suggestions and welcome what ever feedback anyone might have.

Draw/Paint-over link

IDEA #1 "8" composition

IDEA #2 "0" composition 

IDEA #3 "8" composition

I feel ,as I work through them, I seem get better results. I may also try less snakes on the head to also help with the composition, plus I am searching for ideas to make it less "sexy female" and more "terror creature". I still need to come up with some sort of narrative for each.

2 or 3 more to go!


John H