Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Medusa progression steps

Hey Craig,  Alex, Brandon, and Deborah.

  Since I was able to keep my layers, I have broken down the steps that I have taken to get to my homework submission for today. I am hoping that by illustrating my progress I may get additional insight.

STEP 1 Starting with the line art, I set up flat tones to separate the values according to Craig's feedback last week. 

STEP 2 Next, I blocked in the overall shade tones. Using a large textured brush and the 3D light reference really helped my out. I know I need to put a lot more practice into my brush technique, the texture brush, to some extent. seems to cover up my lack of skill.

STEP 3 I removed the line art and added some smaller painted details plus started to tighten up the overall forms. I spent about 4-5 hours on the shading (mostly on face and anatomy that are currently a disaster) and could easily spend more time on it. This is the step I struggle with the most.

I had hoped to paint the color, but ending up with color simple overlays, With a tighter tones and details, maybe the color would also look better.


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