Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hey Craig,  Alex, Brandon, and Deborah.

I am working my way though creature and compositions and have setting mainly on a medusa for now. By using the compositions I created in-class as inspiration I have made three ideas so far, posted below. I am still trying to capture more of a terrifying yet cursed and lonesome character.

I am open to suggestions and welcome what ever feedback anyone might have.

Draw/Paint-over link

IDEA #1 "8" composition

IDEA #2 "0" composition 

IDEA #3 "8" composition

I feel ,as I work through them, I seem get better results. I may also try less snakes on the head to also help with the composition, plus I am searching for ideas to make it less "sexy female" and more "terror creature". I still need to come up with some sort of narrative for each.

2 or 3 more to go!


John H


  1. As I asked Alex is it okay if I do just a few draws up over it to give some ideas, they are looking great so far but since you want it to lool less sexy and more terrifying and I can give you some ideas. :]

  2. Hey Deborah and Craig.

    Any feedback you might have regardless if it is sexy or scary will be great! Here is a link to these images that anyone can use for the next 5 days.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    John Hayes

    PS: PS since I cannot seem to find a way to post link here I have placed one in the original post as well.